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January Holiday Programmes

Our holiday programmes start in January 2014

We give preference to our enrolled learners, so please reserve your place as soon as possible (or enrol) because the demand for these workshops are high. Our centres can only accommodate new clients if space is still available. Please contact the centres directly (using the find a centre function) for more information and to book your place. Please note that not all of our centres offer holiday workshops. 

Master Maths: Matric exam revision

This final exam preparation course is done in 2 stages namely:

 Maths revision sessions

At Master Maths we have offered final exam courses for the past 35 years. This last effort clearly improves final and mid-year examination results and is a crucial process to prepare the learner for the final external examination. After our revision programme, learners are much more familiar with exam type questions and they are able to recognise exactly what is being asked. We also aim to refine their time management skills. We follow a programme structured to each individual learner’s need. We do not work in groups, nor merely work through old maths exam papers.

Maths exam paper sessions

During these sessionsMaster Maths: Exam paper courses maths exam papers are written under exam conditions (before the mid-year and national external exam). The extra exposure to different types of exam questions gives learners a huge psychological advantage. Learners also practice answering questions within realistic time limits. Papers are marked and remedial report back will be given. Exam paper sessions will be allocated to each learner depending on their individual examination timetables.

Please visit Maths Lessons the M2 Way page for more information about the system we use for maths tuition. Also see our page on Grade 11 Exam courses .


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