Matric Mathematics

Matric Mathematics

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Matric can be a stressful year for grade 12’s and every year we help thousands of learners prepare for their matric maths exams. 36 years of maths tuition experience has shown us how stressful this year can be for learners.

The year is not only stressful for matric learners, but also for their teachers. They have to convey a large amount of info in a very short amount of time. It is truly amazing what they manage to accomplish year after year.

Like teachers, our tutors also get to know the learners on a personal level, and during exams our centres are packed with matric learners. Emergency classes on a Sunday are not unheard of, and tutors all around the country work overtime to answer questions and help learners with exam papers.

Enrolling in Master Maths can help matric learners not to fall behind during the year. If they keep a steady work pace, it will help alleviate the pressure felt during exam times. This usually leads to improved results. See our M2 System and Matric Exam courses for more information.

“I am exhausted! I just wrote 100 matric papers.”
– Tutor at Somerset West after the grade 12’s wrote Paper 1.