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Classes or ‘lessons’ for grade 4 to 12 learners. Our Master Maths Alberton centre provides extra maths help using trained tutors for mathematics teaching and tutoring. Wiskunde ekstra klasse is volledig tweetalig.

Why is maths important? Doing maths helps the mind to reason and organize complicated situations into clear, simple, and logical steps. As students learn more maths their minds eventually learn to resolve any difficult situation. In our society, high paying jobs often demand someone who can take complicated situations and simplify it to the level that everyone can understand. At Master Maths we offer individual tuition at the learners own pace. There are qualified tutors in the centre at all times to help the learners with any problems or questions. We strive to create self confident, independent thinkers. Not only do we follow the school syllabus, both GDE and IEB, but we also go back and fix any problems that have occurred in previous years because just as a house without a proper foundation will collapse, so will a learners maths career without the essential basics.

Now also offering Master Science: physical science tuition for grades 10 to 12! Click here to visit our Master Science page.

Centre Team

Michelle van der Have

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“I started at Master Maths Alberton in February 2014 and was promoted to manager of the branch the same year. I am very passionate about what I do and strive to help each individual student in each lesson and ensure each student leaves my centre feeling they had a good productive lesson and have left having learnt something."

Natalie De Gouveia

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"Three out of two people have trouble with fractions, you don’t have to be that third person! Many students think maths is difficult but anyone can be good at maths. Master Maths is an excellent programme and it truly works. I’ve seen many students come into Master Maths confused and puzzled but once they start the programme and start understanding they become confident independent."

Ellen de Mello Koch

Our tutors help our learners understand Mathematics.

“When I was at school mathematics was my favourite subject. As a tutor I still get to enjoy maths and at the same time I’m helping others.”

Vuyo Pangeni

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"I started with Master Maths in 2012 and immediately fell in love with the program. I love working with the learners – I bring the best maths marks out of them. I help the learners cope with the challenges of maths and science and to love the subjects. The program makes it easier for them to grasp the most difficult sections in maths and science – try our program it’s excellent with our fantastic team of tutors."

Lara Janeke

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"Initially I was a student as Master Maths doing Science and Maths. I came to the centre depressed, confused and hating the subjects. With the help of the amazing tutors and the Master Maths and Science program I ended up matriculating with a distinction in both subjects. I wanted other students to begin to see maths and science in a different light – to understand the subjects and to begin to love them! I love being part of an amazing program."



Our Students

Grade 12

Master Maths Alberton has a team of trained tutors.

“Master Maths helped me improve my marks.”

Grade 10

Mathematics assistance for Grade 4 to 12.

“Master Maths helped me improve from 40% to 60%.”

Grade 12

Mathematics tuition in South Africa.

“I have been attending master maths for 7 years and still enjoy being here. Master Maths really helps.”

Grade 11

Extra help for Mathematics learners.

“Master Maths has helped me understand the aspects of maths that always seemed impossible to understand. Master Maths makes a huge difference.”

Grade 8

Mathematics lessons in Alberton.

“Master Maths has taught me to figure out challenging sums and concentrate while doing them. My marks has improved to 92%.”

Grade 12

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"When I started Master maths my math mark was 27%. After one term at being with the MM program I obtained 48% on my final gr.11 report. Throughout my gr.12 year I achieved in my 70's and my final mark was 75%. Because of that mark I was accepted into varsity. Without the MM program and team I would not of achieved this. The tutors were friendly and helpful and the program is easy to understand. This was the best way for me to learn maths. I am so grateful for their help because now I have been given the opportunity to accomplish my dreams."

Grade 12

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"When I got my results for maths and science I was quite surprised because I did not think I was capable of those results. My maths and science marks were not quite that good before I started with master Maths. Master maths helped me score 86 for maths and 76 for science. I would not know how to thank them enough."