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Classes or ‘lessons’ for grade 4 to 12 learners. Our Master Maths Glenanda centre provides extra maths help using trained tutors for mathematics teaching and tutoring. Wiskunde ekstra klasse is volledig tweetalig.

We have been in operation since mid 2002. At Master Maths Glenanda we strive to create a warm atmosphere where learners feel comfortable to ask for assistance without judgement. We help each learner feel important and work in line with their school curriculum; reinforcing the concepts covered in class. We teach something new every lesson, whether it's a big concept, or a small mathematical rule. It is our aim to help our students feel more confident with their maths abilities so that they will actually start enjoying the subject.

Now also offering Master Science: physical science tuition for grades 10 to 12! Click here to visit our Master Science page.

Centre Team

Shivonn Cunha

Shivonn and Carol 421x640

“Teaching is a rewarding job- nothing compares to the feeling of helping students exceed their own expectations with regards to their maths ability. I love what I do, and hope to impact children's future's positively for a long time to come.”

Ronald Looi

Ronald Looi 404x640

"Master Maths has given me the opportunity to learn and understand maths better and help our learners share in that understanding too."

Jason Hennings

Jason Hennings 408x640

"My passion is to help learners excel with improved results while having fun achieving this. There is no better feeling then seeing this materialise."

Aldwin Mathevula

Aldwin Mathevula 404x640

"There is no better feeling than knowing you have helped someone achieve their ultimate goals at school. That's what keeps me going. Master Math/Science helps me help others."

Khanyisa Chauke

Khanyisa Chauke 363x640

"Working at m2 has been one of the really good experiences in my life, and the learners make every second I spend with them memorable."

Bianca Kraemer

Bianca Kraemer 400x640

"Teaching in itself is a rewarding task being able to impact and change young people's lives is an honour!"

Sasha-Lee Steenkamp

Sasha-Lee Steenkamp 408x640

“Through the Master Maths program we're able to put smiles back on students faces when it comes to maths. I enjoy teaching maths because numbers come naturally to me and solving problems are a great challenge for the mind.”

Lee-Ann Steyn

Lee-Ann Steyn 421x640

"It is always great being part of the Master Maths vibe and working with such a dynamic team."

Thobile Mavuso

Thobile Mavuso 424x640

"The students and parents approach Master Maths with desperation and concern , I can see it in their faces when they come for assessments or just to enquire and it is so amazing to see the relief and smiles on their faces at the end of the year when the students achieve amazing results."

Jared Ping

Jared Ping 407x640

"To be given education was the biggest luxury. To be able to give it to someone is the greatest reward."

Kirsten Leigh Herbert

Kirsten Leigh Herbert 428x640

"One of the most rewarding things in is the ability to help others succeed- that is exactly what we do. Master Maths helps learners grow above and beyond their assumed capabilities and there's no other company I would rather work for or recommend!"

Nompumelelo Maringa

Nompumelelo Maringa 428x640

"My experience at Master Maths is very fulfilling because I have the opportunity to interact with the learners by assisting them with solving mathematical problems using teaching methodology that they can understand and apply themselves. This helps building their self esteem as they can use these skills aquired to solving problems themselves. Seeing the satisfaction when their results improve shows how effective these methodologies are. Learners are encouraged to work harder and smarter using these methods."

Amanda Looi

Amanda Looi 428x640

"Tutoring at Master Maths has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me in terms of watching the children learn, grow and excel. An education is the most important gift one can give a child, and I'm grateful each day that I have the opportunity to do so."

Keitumetse Sotoane

Keitumetse Sotoane 420x640

"Effective learning requires support and encouragement, and should cater to the learner's needs. I feel that the Master Maths staff always make an effort in ensuring every learner receives these."

Mirna Kabwe

Mirna Kabwe 426x640

"I enjoy working at Master Maths because it gives me the opportunity to help children understand maths. It makes me very happy to see children improve their marks and enjoy maths."


Our Students

Grade 11

Maths assistance for Grade 4 to 12.
“Master Maths has helped me improve from an average of 50% to 80%. My understanding of mathematical concepts is much better!”

Grade 10

Maths assistance for Grade 4 to 12.
“Master maths has truly helped me with my marks. Thanks to them I managed to achieve 75% from 38% in one term.”

Grade 12

Maths tuition in South Africa.
“I started Master Maths in Grade 9 and was averaging 35% I am currently in Matric and averaging 66%.”

Grade 10

Master Maths Glenanda has a team of trained tutors.
“I achieved the highest mark in my last test and am feeling more confident since I've been coming to Master Maths- Thanks!”

Grade 10

Mathematics assistance for Grade 4 to 12.
“Through Master Maths I've reached goals I thought were impossible- their kind staff and productive environment have made it all possible.”

Grade 12

Mathematics tuition in South Africa.
“Ever since joining my maths results have improved greatly and they keep improving. Maths is much more enjoyable because of Master Maths.”

Grade 9

Extra help for Mathematics learners.
“Master Maths has helped me so much! I think it is the best investment into an educational facility we have ever made.”

Grade 12

Mathematics lessons in Glenanda.
“The Master Maths staff are very helpful, my results have improved from 40%-70%. I even got 100% for my last test!”

Grade 12

Our Mathematics tutors are ready to assist learners.
“Master Maths has made maths easier for me. I started with a 40% average and now I'm on 80% average for maths.”

Grade 12

Gisela Fossati 449x640

"MasterMaths/MasterScience has been an incredible help over the past two years. For someone who has never learned Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in English, the atmosphere in MM/MS, as well as the patient explanations and cornucopia of revision lessons has been a wonderful (if maybe a little overbearing) experience. To anyone else having trouble with or simply wanting to do better in Mathematics/Science, MasterMaths/MasterScience is THE place to go. If you are willing to work hard, the people at MM/MS will do anything in their power to help you achieve your goals."

Grade 12

"Ever since attending Master Maths since Grade 9, I have received excellent support in my school studies due to the hard-working tutors who have always encouraged me in my school work and variety of teaching modules Master Maths has to offer. I was able to achieve 2 distinctions for Mathematics and Physical Science in my matric finals for 2014 thanks to their revision classes and available past papers frequently given to their students. Master Maths is a place where learners can achieve great results in their studies, but only if the learner is willing to put in the effort to achieve their wanted results."