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Maths classes or ‘lessons’ for grade 4 to 12 learners. Science classes or ‘lessons’ for grade 10 to 12 learners. Our Master Maths Garsfontein centre provides extra maths help using trained tutors for mathematics teaching and tutoring.. Wiskunde ekstra klasse is volledig tweetalig. Lesson content is regularly updated according to changes in the curriculum and CAPS document. Also offering Cambridge IGCSE Maths tuition.

We opened in March 1987 and our centre grew to over 100 students in the first year. When our centre grew beyond 250 learners we opened more centres to keep numbers manageable and to maintain personal contact with our students. Service to our customers (parents and students) is our cornerstone. We believe in mentoring and challenging our students for them to reach their maximum potential. To achieve this plenty of revision and practise is required from both the Master Maths books and past exam papers. We encourage students to work independently. Positive comments give confidence and a desire to work harder.

Also offering Master Science: physical science tuition for grades 10 to 12! Click here to visit our Master Science page.

Centre Team

Charmaine van der Merwe

“Working at Master Maths has given me the wonderful opportunity to make a difference in so many learners’ lives. It is the most rewarding experience following each of their journeys to realising their goals. I believe that every child can achieve good grades with the right combination of hard work, motivation and confidence.”



"Mathematics and science are imperative subjects in a young person's life. Not only do they open up a world of possibilities after secondary education, but they teach valuable lessons such as problem solving, logic and rational thought processes. Whilst teachers usually strive to teach these subjects to the audience herein mentioned, it is not always possible to give these learners the individual attention they might deserve. Everyone is different - some requiring more attention than others, some only requiring a different method of explanation whilst others just require a different person to explain the subject matter. In this, Master Maths and Science helps tremendously in giving students the individual attention they might need, adapting tutoring processes to suit each person's needs. The environment of Master Maths and Science is also beneficial for these young people, as the tutors are more approachable than any normal teacher, providing a more comfortable and efficacious learning atmosphere. This learning centre harks back to a factor now lost in the recently transformed industrialised sector known as schooling - individualised and personalised tuition."



"Maths can be quite challenging.  Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to help students overcome these challenges by interacting with them individually."

Our Students

Grade 12

“Ek was van Graad 10 af my Master Maths.  Ek het ingestap met die idee dat my punte nie veel gaan styg nie en dat ek na ‘n jaar nie meer hier gaan wees nie, maar van dag een af het die tutors my goed behandel en dit was ‘n plek waar ek myself kom wees ongeag van my punte. Daar was en is nog altyd ‘n tydjie vir ‘n grappie, maar net so is daar ook tyd vir harde werk en glo my ons het hard gewerk.  In Graad 10 het ek genoeg vordering gesien om my te motiveer om nog harder te werk. My punt het gestyg vanaf 50% na lae 60’s. In Graad 11 het dit met nog so 10% gestyg na 76%.  My Matriek jaar was die beste jaar sover. Master Maths het my gehelp om my droom-punt vir Wiskunde te kry, ‘n 80%.  Hulle het my ook gehelp om keuring vir Ingenieurswese te kry by Tukkies, wat 3 jaar terug maar net ‘n droom was.  Master Maths het my gehelp om nie net my droom waar te maak nie maar dit ook uit te leef.”

Grade 11

“Ek het gedurende die jaar by Master Science aangelsuit en na slegs ‘n kwartaal het my punte met 13% gestyg. 

Die feit dat die rekenaarprogram vir my visuele hulpmiddels gegee het, het my as ‘n regterbrein baie gehelp om die werk beter te verstaan.

Ek was nooit bang om vir die personeel te vra vir hulp as ek sukkel nie en daar word gereeld seker gemaak dat ek die werk wel verstaan.

Ek bevel hierdie sterk aan vir enige kind met Wetenskap as ‘n vak wat wil beter doen.  Dit is die moeite werd!”

Grade 7

“Master Maths has a positive vibe of always improving.  Since I have been at Master Maths I’ve regained my confidence to do mathematics.”

Grade 6

“Master Maths has helped me a lot and taught me not to give up.  My Maths mark has improved a lot and now I know I can get 100%. My confidence in Maths has improved.”