If a learner is not motivated, and has low self-esteem, it is natural that they will not enjoy maths. If they are unmotivated, sitting down and completing a whole bunch of maths worksheets becomes very tiring (and will in most cases produce limited results).

The key to getting learners out of this maths-slump is to facilitate ‘light-bulb’ moments. Once they realize that they can do maths, it can bring about a miraculous change in their attitude. How does this motivational switch occur?

As soon as learners begin to comprehend and apply the theory, they will begin to get more answers correct. This can initiate a ‘snowball’ effect. The more questions they get correct, the more motivated and confident they will become.

At Master Maths we do our utmost to motivate learners through results. It is very difficult to maintain lasting results by simply completing maths worksheets. It takes a combination of things, and our 37 years of experience has taught us what works. Our worksheets are not available on their own.

Using maths worksheets can be very helpful, but Master Maths combines various aspects to motivate learners. These aspects are:

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