Get your academic year on track

10 tips for getting your academic year on track!

Maths tuition can help get your academic year on track.

Most school years always seem to start off as a rush! From being assigned to new classes and meeting new friends, to sport days that feel like they are held earlier every year, academics can take a bit of a back seat.

If this has been the case so far for 2016, there are some great ways to get a handle on what has been happening in the classroom!

  1. Make sure you have copied your class timetable correctly. If you had problems with it during the first term, make sure you get it correct for the rest of the year. Don’t rely on your classmates for where your classes are.
  2. Always have your homework book and all the school books you need for the day packed in your school bag.
  3. Prepare your bag and stationery for school in the evening, so you can have a good night’s sleep, knowing that you are prepared for the next day.
  4. Start revising! First tests are done and dusted, but June exams are coming up. The earlier you revise the work you have covered in class, the easier it is to keep up to date, and not have the rest of the year’s work get away from you.
  5. When you revise something and you have forgotten some of the details, or it doesn’t make sense, ask your teachers for help. They will be happy to help, especially if they can see you’re making an effort!
  6. Even if you feel you haven’t been on top of it so far this year, resolve to start afresh! There’s still time to catch up on what you have covered before there is another pile of work!
  7. If you learn more by working with people, start a study group with your friends. This works well, as everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll be able to help them with conceptsPhysical Science tuition can help get your marks on track. they don’t understand and vice versa.
  8. Take notes in class and listen to your teacher. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something.
  9. If there is a subject in which you are struggling to maintain consistently good marks, or one in which you worry you might start to struggle, get extra help. Find out what your options are for the subjects in which you would like help. Click here to contact Master Maths for more information about extra maths and physical science tuition.
  10. Believe that you can achieve the marks you would like! It all starts with you, and once you believe in yourself the sky is the limit!

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