Extra maths classes the M2 way... Yes, your child can master maths!

How we do maths

Whether your child is struggling with maths or needs to improve maths marks that are already above average, extra classes at a Master Maths centre can make a lifelong difference.

Master Maths offers individual extra maths classes for Grade 4 to 12 learners. Our system covers the entire South African curriculum with more than 140 centres across Southern Africa.

Master Maths has been providing maths tuition since 1976. Our unique 3-pronged approach has helped two generations of learners achieve improved results through extra maths classes.

Our three principles of maths success are:

Master Maths offers individual extra maths classes for Grade 4 to 12 learners.

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The motivated maths learner

1. Aha! The motivated maths learner

If your child is still fumbling in the dark with maths, extra maths lessons the M2 way can switch on brilliant light-bulb moments for them: they’ll suddenly just “get” it!

And once they realise they can actually do maths, and are able to effortlessly remember and apply the concepts, they’ll probably start looking at maths a whole lot differently.

Your child’s attitude could change to super positive. When they see the improvement in results they will likely become more confident and motivated to excel. Imagine your child as a “motivated learner”. Master Maths can make it happen.

With maths mastered thanks to our extra maths methods, more opportunities open up for your child.

Inspired, inspiring maths tutors

2. Inspired, inspiring maths tutors

Each learner is an individual, who might approach problems differently to the way others do. It is easier for your child to understand a difficult maths concept when they are guided  by tutors providing personal attention.

This is why constant supervision and guidance from our personable tutors are always available at our in-person maths classes. Attentive maths  tutoring is the key to Master Maths’ results-driven extra classes.

Tackling real problems in real classes

We teach learners to find solutions independently. We do so by combining our computer-based system with the expert input of real-life tutors. Classes are interactive. The computer interface demonstrates how to complete specific problems. Then the learner attempts examples on their own. If anything is unclear, the tutor guides the learner in the right direction.

We offer individual tuition. We do not do group lessons. If a learner struggles to grasp the concepts in a classroom environment at school, individual attention might be just what they need to fill the gaps and improve.

The result is effective tutor involvement. Not too much. Not too little. Just the right amount of personal attention that is best for each individual learner.

More than maths skills

Using this computer-tutor combination, your child will learn to solve unfamiliar problems independently. Not just maths problems, but some of life’s other tough challenges too!
Interactive + in-person

3. Interactive + in-person = best results

Master Maths uses the unique M2 computer-based teaching system to illustrate the maths skills and concepts interactively. Learners attend maths extra classes at one of our 140 centres.

While doing Master Maths lessons at home is an added benefit that our learners can take advantage of, for many learners this is not the ideal method of improving maths. If your child is not performing well in maths, he or she probably does not have the self-control, perseverance and motivation to learn independently, online. This is where our centres step in.

Hands-on classes beat online maths lessons

Unlike online maths tuition services, our real-life maths tutors help the learner to get on top and stay on top by guiding their learning path and making sure they do the work.

The teaching content is written by experienced maths teachers, who convert the South African and Cambridge curriculum into a user-friendly and easy-to-understand format.

To encourage learner interaction during the tutoring sessions, our system makes use of voice and animated images in the lessons.

This is the ideal method for illustrating concepts. Modern learners are more visually inclined. They relate effectively to computer graphics. For examples of how voice and images work together, see the Maths Programme Demo page.

Some Master Maths learners now have the option to supplement their in-person classes with extra online maths lessons. Learners who attend lessons at a centre are welcome to choose to add the online service if recommended by the centre. The M2 system has been available online since 2021.

Master Maths was established in 1976 and we have helped two generations of learners succeed with maths.

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