We have 154 centres in Southern African. Use the map on our home page to select your province and the centre closest to you. Our centres are equiped with tutors who have undergone extensive training so that they can work with our system and provide learners with individual tuition.

This depends on the amount of time learners need to spend at the centre. Tutors asses learners before they start sessions and suggest an amount of time they should spend at the centre. Fees are dependent on this. Contact your nearest centre and they will be able to assist you with this process. Find your nearest centre here.

Our tutors aim to understand the learner’s grasp of mathematical concepts in the assessment period. After this assessment, they will be able to focus on areas that learners are struggling with, and can use the Master Maths system to aid them in correcting this.

When you enrol your child at Master Maths, the first thing we do is give your child a series of baseline assessment or diagnostic tests to discover his or her abilities, pinpoint problem areas, and develop an individualised instruction programme based on the test results.

The mathematics tutor then meets privately with you to review your child's strengths and weaknesses and to recommend a comprehensive, presonalised programme of instruction. By individually diagnosing what is keeping your child from doing his or her best and creating a lesson-plan tailor-made to fit your child's needs, we are able to help students improve their skills, confidence and motivation.

We do not sell CDs, but rather offer tuition at our centres. This is because our system is dependent on our fully-trained tutors to assist learners who need help with maths and to constantly assess their progress. Click here to find your nearest centre.

This is dependent on whether or not your nearest centre still has space available before exams. It is advised that learners start at the beginning of the year, so that they have the time to work through the curriculum for their grade and to work on the areas they struggle with. Find out why it is advised that learners begin with extra lessons as early as possible.

You can apply by submitting your CV here. You will need to have had over 70% for maths and/or science at the end of Grade 12. You also need to be fluent in English and Afrikaans, and have your own transport.

Our tutors undergo extensive training so that they can assist our learners individually while adhering to our system.

From 2015, learners will be able to take Mathematics for the first time (if they finished matric with Maths Literacy) or redo their maths for a better mark. They will receive an UMALUSI approved certificate at the end of the programme. Read more about our IEB affiliation here.

We do offer lessons for Maths Literacy learners. The Master Maths system is developed in South Africa, inline with the South African curriculum statement. It is important that we are able to combine our extra mathematics teaching with what is happening in your child's classroom and by keeping our system current and aligned to the local curriculum, we are able to do so.

We only offer Maths tuition for Grades 4 to 12, and Physical Science tuition for grades 10 to 12.

There are all sorts of reasons why a child may need tutoring. Maybe a teacher recommends it, maybe your child's grades start to fall, or they could possibly experience severe stress and anxiety before tests and exams. If your child has been acting out, demonstrating behavioural problems in class or is reluctant to go to school, tutoring could be an answer.

Getting started is easy! Just click on your province on the map to find your nearest Master Maths centre. We have more than 150 centres nationwide, so there is bound to be a centre near to you. For any other enquires, you can contact Head Office here.