Career paths from Master Maths

Getting into the job market can be tough! Some jobs have very strict basic requirements, sometimes including some experience in the field.

Master Maths works a little bit differently. We require our tutors to have over 70% for Mathematics, as well as Physical Science. In addition, a good understanding of, and fluency in English and Afrikaans, as well as their own transport is required. That’s it.

Our centres spend time training the tutors on how to use our system to assist learners, use our assessment tools to pick up on problem areas, and in methods to adjust the learner’s learning plan to benefit from this. As such, our tutors spend time at our centres while learners are at school, so they can fully prepare for their afternoon and evening sessions.

Tutoring is a great option as a gap year between school and further studies. A number of our tutors have taken this opportunity to raise the money they need to go and study their preferred course. This gives them a head start in the job market, as by the time they have their qualification, they have job experience behind them as well!

Some of our tutors have stayed on at Master Maths for a while longer, and have become centre managers or have even started their own centre. The experience they gained from tutoring helps them to understand the Master Maths business from grassroots level, and to be effective managers and leaders. This is a great option for someone who would like experience in business management, and is invaluable for someone who would like to own their own business. They have also become Master Maths franchisees!

A few years experience at Master Maths as a tutor or manager can also prepare you for other jobs. You’ll gain valuable skills in planning, time management, working and communicating with people,  and problem solving, to name but a few. These are all sought after qualities for employers.

Join a company who changes lives, and start your own career journey.

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