The first term is over and the test results have been released. This is a great point to start looking at learner's academic success for the rest of the year.

Why you should sign up for extra tuition now:

  1. If your child has struggled to adjust to their new grade, our tutors can work with them to help pin-point their problem areas and help them cement their knowledge before the rest of year's workload becomes too much for them.
  2. In maths, the knowledge and skills learnt “build on each other”. When a learner does not understand one section well enough, they will struggle to conquer harder examples. They will be expected to accomplish this in the coming months. Diagnosing the problem areas, practicing with more examples and relearning certain sections is beneficial so that one could do the simpler problems with ease and prepare the mind for the more challenging problems.
  3. If a learner missed work because they were sick, struggled with emotional distress or family emergencies occurred, they can receive the support that they need to catch up what they have missed.
  4. If a learner struggles with the language Maths is being taught in at school, or struggles with languages in general, Master Maths offers tuition in English and Afrikaans to accommodate them. They can gain practice in a language they are comfortable with, and be better prepared for the classroom environment.
  5. Learners can attend the centre to work on only the topics they struggle with if they wish.
  6. The midyear exams covers all the work done this year. Tuition can help learner consolidate their knowledge from the first term and consolidate the second term work as they encounter it.
  7. Grade 10 to 12 can attend our Maths revision consolidation sessions to prepare for exams.
  8. Grade 11 learners will need to excel in the Midyear exams if they would like to apply to tertiary institutions to study further. Tuition and our revision programmes can help them prepare.
  9. Grade 12 learners need good marks in their June exams to meet university entrance requirements. The exams will include work that was covered in Grade 11 as well, so this is an opportunity to start consolidating Grade 11 knowledge for the June, September and Final exams.

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