a. Get your current learners and parents to like the pages. We are designing posters that you will be able to request soon. You can print these and put them up at the centre.
b. For current learners, run an in-house competition. Arrange that the winner gets something like a voucher for some coffees or ice cream, or something supplied locally that they will like. Tell them to like the page before a certain date. After that date, ask Tamsin for the list of people who like your page. You can then narrow the list down to your learners, and select a random winner.
c. Let other people in your area know about your pages. Most town have community pages on Facebook. If you don't now how to find these, ask Tamsin for assistance. You have two options here:
i. Share your page onto the community pages and ask people to like it. Remind them that they will be able to
find out about what the centre is offering at different times if they do.
ii. Request an advert that advertises an offering you would like to make. In the "More Information" section of
the Facebook Adverts form, add when you would like it to be posted, and what you would like to say with the
advert It will then get posted on your page, and you can share it onto the different community pages.

1) Like in the video, go to the Master Maths or Master Science pages, click on locations, and click on the centre. You can then like the page.
2) Search for “Master Maths Montana” or “Master Science Montana” in the Facebook search bar. This seems to work better the more likes a page has. For example, it won’t let me find Somerset West, even though I am in Somerset West, and always gives me Cape Town (Cape Town page has loads more likes). But I can search for Maser Maths East London from anywhere and it pops up as the first search option (over 100 likes and they have started using their page).
3) Search for “@mastermaths.montana” or “@masterscience.montana” and you will be directed to the pages immediately. This way it doesn’t matter how many likes you currently have.

Insert your own centre names into the example.

If you cannot find yourself using method number 3, this is because a Master Maths page for your centre was previously created by the centre. Contact Tamsin to get your @tags.

It is possible for your pages to like, and thus follow, other pages. Only other pages. Universally across Facebook, pages cannot like groups or people. “People” that are liked by pages are in fact pages about the people.

So in your community you can like and share posts from your schools if they have pages. This is a great idea, as it will hopefully help to strengthen the relationship you have with the schools in your area. This is an example. Chat to us if you have other ideas.

The types of posts we would look at sharing from other pages – keep it related to our business. Sharing a school open day can fall into that, as it will help promote the school, who in turn will hopefully promote us. It is important to create a sense of community in your areas through this page, just also remember to maintain the focus of the centre and the business at the heart of the page. If we’re only sharing community posts, but not sharing content, we’ve lost sight of the main focus of these Facebook pages.

Any posts on other pages that have any people in them, you will need to get consent from the learners/teachers/parents in the photo. This is so that we are covered from both the Consumer Protection Act and the Protection of Personal Information Act (being enforced since end March 2017) point of view. Just because the schools have consent, doesn’t mean we can just share it.

Why would you do this?

To create a sense of community within your area, for relationship building with your schools and other businesses that you work with. We will not share any posts from our competitors. Comparative marketing is illegal in South Africa (Master Maths is better than X because...)

How to like other pages

Send the page's full name, exactly as it is written on Facebook, to Tamsin.

How to share posts

Email the following information to Tamsin: which page shared it, when they shared it, and what the post is about. Send the consent forms attached to the same email.

To place an advert on your Facebook page, please submit a request through the website. Login and go to "Do Some Marketing". Fill in the "Facebook Advert" form. In the "Other Information" block, fill in the date you would like this put on your Facebook page (keeping in mind to send this is a few days before you would like it posted), and the write up you would like to go with the advert. Remember to include more than one date and write up if you would like the advert to be posted more than once.

Adverts do not count as content. They cannot create a sense of community and personality for your page. Remember to generate other content for your page, this is the priority.

Please watch the video on how to update your page by clicking here, or visiting the website.

Please send us the highest quality photos or videos that you possibly can. We will then edit them to fit into the desired post shapes. If we feel that the quality is not good enough, we will ask you to take new pictures or record a new video.

We need to make sure the Master Maths brand is protected. The potential damage caused by one offensive post far outweighs the benefits of allowing centres run their own pages. A damaging post by one centre (even if it was unintentional) could have negative consequences for all centres, including yours.