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Maths classes or ‘lessons’ for grade 4 to 12 learners. Our Master Maths Glenanda centre provides extra maths help using trained tutors for mathematics teaching and tutoring. Wiskunde ekstra klasse is volledig tweetalig. Lesson content is regularly updated according to changes in the curriculum and CAPS document. Also offering Cambridge IGCSE Maths tuition.

We have been in operation since mid 2002. At Master Maths Glenanda we strive to create a warm atmosphere where learners feel comfortable to ask for assistance without judgement. We help each learner feel important and work in line with their school curriculum; reinforcing the concepts covered in class. We teach something new every lesson, whether it's a big concept, or a small mathematical rule. It is our aim to help our students feel more confident with their maths abilities so that they will actually start enjoying the subject.

Also offering Master Science: physical science tuition for grades 10 to 12! Click here to visit our Master Science page.

Centre Team

Shivonn Cunha

Manager of Master Maths - "There is no greater joy than seeing the kids we teach have the opportunity to go study the degree of their dreams or the excitement when they show an improvement in a test or exam at school. When we know that we were directly responsible for helping mould the CEO’s; doctors and engineers of our future country it brings us the greatest amount of self-fulfilment."

Nieka Gordon

Full Time Maths Tutor - "I really enjoy relating to my students and seeing things from their perspective. It’s fun to grow with them step by step."

Lee-Ann Steyn

Full Time Maths Tutor - "At Master Maths I get to fulfill my dream of teaching maths to children from grade 4-9. I love this age group and enjoy making their theory fun and enjoyable. I have been at the Glenanda branch since Aug 2012."

Sasha-Lee Steenkamp

Full Time Maths Tutor - "It is a privilege being able to tutor, knowing that I can influence a young student to do their best of their ability and see them succeed to their fullest potential. Changing a student outlook on a subject is the best achievement possible, seeing them now have the confidence and a positive outlook can never be erased."

Frank Intaka

Full Time Maths and Science Tutor - "The pleasant surprises that come our way make working here very rewarding and constantly remind us of the difference that we make in our students’ lives."

Andrew Maluleke

Full Time Maths and Science Tutor - "I have spent 8 years tutoring students from different places and cultures, and in turn I have learnt a great deal from these students. It gives me great fulfilment to be working at Master Maths with a team of people who are fully committed to transforming the lives of our students."

Kaldin Odendaal

Part Time Maths Tutor - "I started my journey with Master Maths in the first week of grade 8, Master Maths not only helped me achieve my goals but also to excel to results I never knew I was capable of. Now I work on the other end of the spectrum as a Tutor and have never found a set of staff/tutors that are more understanding, friendly and committed to the students such as my co-workers… it is not only our goal as employees to help the students to pass but rather to help them achieve their absolute best. It’s for this reason that Master Maths is more than just an extra lesson but rather a tool in achieving greatness."

Gabriella Stamp

Part Time Maths and Science Tutor - "Good teaching can be the difference between a pass and a fail or an A and a B. I strive to be a great tutor who encourages and supports my students, allowing them to reach their goals and feel confident in their abilities."

Urvi Patel

Part Time Maths and Science Tutor - "Working at Master Maths has been a great pleasure. Being part of the student’s progress via Master Maths is a great honour. Teaching at this center is a great opportunity where a friendly and efficient environment is created for the learners and tutors."


Our Students

Grade 11

Maths assistance for Grade 4 to 12.
“Master Maths has helped me improve from an average of 50% to 80%. My understanding of mathematical concepts is much better!”

Grade 10

Maths assistance for Grade 4 to 12.
“Master maths has truly helped me with my marks. Thanks to them I managed to achieve 75% from 38% in one term.”

Grade 12

Maths tuition in South Africa.
“I started Master Maths in Grade 9 and was averaging 35% I am currently in Matric and averaging 66%.”

Grade 10

Master Maths Glenanda has a team of trained tutors.
“I achieved the highest mark in my last test and am feeling more confident since I've been coming to Master Maths- Thanks!”

Grade 10

Mathematics assistance for Grade 4 to 12.
“Through Master Maths I've reached goals I thought were impossible- their kind staff and productive environment have made it all possible.”

Grade 12

Mathematics tuition in South Africa.
“Ever since joining my maths results have improved greatly and they keep improving. Maths is much more enjoyable because of Master Maths.”

Grade 9

Extra help for Mathematics learners.
“Master Maths has helped me so much! I think it is the best investment into an educational facility we have ever made.”

Grade 12

Mathematics lessons in Glenanda.
“The Master Maths staff are very helpful, my results have improved from 40%-70%. I even got 100% for my last test!”

Grade 12

Our Mathematics tutors are ready to assist learners.
“Master Maths has made maths easier for me. I started with a 40% average and now I'm on 80% average for maths.”

Grade 12

Gisela Fossati 449x640

"MasterMaths/MasterScience has been an incredible help over the past two years. For someone who has never learned Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in English, the atmosphere in MM/MS, as well as the patient explanations and cornucopia of revision lessons has been a wonderful (if maybe a little overbearing) experience. To anyone else having trouble with or simply wanting to do better in Mathematics/Science, MasterMaths/MasterScience is THE place to go. If you are willing to work hard, the people at MM/MS will do anything in their power to help you achieve your goals."

Grade 12

"Ever since attending Master Maths since Grade 9, I have received excellent support in my school studies due to the hard-working tutors who have always encouraged me in my school work and variety of teaching modules Master Maths has to offer. I was able to achieve 2 distinctions for Mathematics and Physical Science in my matric finals for 2014 thanks to their revision classes and available past papers frequently given to their students. Master Maths is a place where learners can achieve great results in their studies, but only if the learner is willing to put in the effort to achieve their wanted results."