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Maths classes or ‘lessons’ for grade 4 to 12 learners. Our Master Maths Moreletapark centre provides extra maths help using trained tutors for mathematics teaching and tutoring. Wiskunde ekstra klasse is volledig tweetalig.

Wiskunde is ‘n wonderlike vak. Wiskunde het ‘n deurlopende invloed op ons alledaagse lewens, en dra by tot die land se rykdom. Die studie van wiskunde kan ‘n wye reeks belangstellings en vermoëns bevredig. Wiskunde ontwikkel verbeeldingskrag. Dit bied oefening in helder en logiese denke. By Master Maths Moreletapark streef ons daarna om ‘n omgewing te skep waarbinne die verkryging van kennis en ‘n liefde vir wiskunde aangemoedig word!

Maths is a wonderful subject. Mathematics has a persistent influence on our everyday lives, and contributes to the wealth of the country. The study of mathematics can satisfy a wide range of interests and abilities. Maths develops the imagination. It trains in clear and logical thought. At Master Maths Moreletapark we strive to provide an environment where learning and a love for mathematics is encouraged!

Also offering Master Science: physical science tuition for grades 10 to 12! Click here to visit our Master Science page.

Centre Team

Helen Kriek

Moreletapark owner HelenKriek

“I have been teaching maths through Master Maths for the last 20 years because the system is amazing and I have a passion for children. To invest time in a learner and to see him/her grow is a privilege which I take very seriously.”


Ashly Nel

Mathematics and Physical Science can be difficult subjects to grasp - but they can also be rewarding if understood well. We use mathematics and science in our daily lives without even noticing it. As we face challenges in our educational system, I find that clear and concise tutoring is helping pave the way forward for more students to be successful at secondary and tertiary institutions. Master Maths is a reliable and efficient manner to help learners on all levels progress. My goal in working with the team at Master Maths, is to help learners understand and apply Mathematics and Physical Science, not to simply learn it.

Dietrich Bauermeister

One of the most rewarding experiences in life is to help those in need or that are struggling. Over the course of the past 3 years I have been exposed to numerous rewarding experiences by helping learners with Mathematics and Science at Master Maths and Science. Master Maths and Science is an institution where learners can come to and seek help with regards to numerous Mathematics and Science problems. My goal as a tutor at Master Maths and Science is to encourage pupils to not be afraid of asking for help and not being ashamed of not grasping certain concepts or problems slower than others.

Jean Labuschagne

Since I was young, I have enjoyed giving Mathematics. My life goal is to make sure anyone, who seeks my help, understands the subject, as any other subject they take at school, instead of seeing it as an impossible obstacle in his/her life. I wish to achieve great things with every learner that comes to Master Maths so that they can achieve their dream career or realise what they want to do in life. There is only one thing I ask in return - that every learner also wants this achievement in their life, even if it means they have to climb over many obstacles that come their way. I know the Master Maths system works because I was a part of this system. However, it is not magic and one needs to be willing to work hard and have the necessary self-respect to achieve better things.

Aisling Groenewald

In my experience, Mathematics and Physical Science are understood differently by every single person, depending on how their brain is wired and how they study. However, in school, there is not sufficient time to teach each child in their preferred way of learning. Here at Master Maths and Master Science, we can build a unique relationship with each learner and discover their individual learning method. By knowing this, we are able to tutor each learner in a way that makes sense to them, making Mathematics and Physical Science less of a headache and more of an adventure! I adore working with scholars and getting to know them personally, while guiding them to strive for excellence!



Our Students

Grade 7

"Master Maths has helped me understand Maths in a different way! I am so grateful for the help I have received here. My mark on my school report has improved by 24% within one term."

Grade 11

"Master Maths has helped me improve my marks and achieve an average of 89% for Mathematics. The tutors help me to clarify any confusion because we work through topics thoroughly and practice until I understand concepts that were previously unclear."

Grade 11

“Master Maths has helped me a lot with my understanding of math. My marks improved from 62% to 79%.”

Grade 9

“Thank you Master Maths. It’s awesome; my marks have improved with another 11% to 89%.”

Grade 5

Moreletapark student Jean

“Danksy Master Maths het my wiskunde punte verbeter met 40%.”

Grade 12

Moreletapark student Dale

“Master Maths is cool! I got 91%!”

Grade 12

"My maths improved so much I received the prize for best improvement."


"Met my herskryfpunt van 74% kon ek inskryf vir die kursus wat ek graag wou volg by die universiteit."


"I enrolled at Master Maths, to rewrite my Maths, with 35%. I achieved 71% in my final exam. I am so grateful for the help that I received at Master Maths as I now have the opportunity to study what I love."

Grade 12

"This year, I made a decision to improve my Maths and Science marks. Master Maths helped me to never give up on my dream and taught me to keep on working hard. In my end-year exam I achieved 71% for my Maths exam and 75% for my Science."