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Classes or ‘lessons’ for grade 4 to 12 learners. Our Master Maths Rosebank centre provides extra maths help using trained tutors for mathematics teaching and tutoring. Wiskunde ekstra klasse is volledig tweetalig.

Master Maths Rosebank has been operating for 25 years and has consistently strived for excellence in mathematics education. We offer a warm, supportive environment where the needs of each individual learner are assessed using Master Maths’ unique computer based teaching system. Through a disciplined approach, and with the assistance of caring and capable tutors, we believe that our learners can overcome the obstacle that mathematics presents to many children. A better understanding of maths improves overall scholastic confidence, and opens up many more doors to tertiary education. We at Master Maths Rosebank are committed to nurturing an interest in mathematics for learners of all abilities. With the chronic skills shortage that our country is experiencing, it is vital that schools produce engineers, scientists and educators who can cope with mathematics at tertiary level. We feel strongly that we are making a contribution every day to furthering this goal. Most of all, we are passionate about the work we do and have fun every day!

Now also offering Master Science: physical science tuition for grades 10 to 12! Click here to view our Master Science page.

Centre Team

Colleen Hogan (Centre Owner)

“Having owned and operated Master Maths Rosebank for 21 years, I have come to believe and understand that inside every frustrated, anxious child is the desire to do better.  Our job is to nurture and unlock our learners’ potential in a supportive and dynamic environment. We are passionate about mathematics and its ability to open doors and forge strong reasoning abilities.  As a team we work hard to ensure that every learner leaves a lesson knowing more than they did when they arrived. I love my job and the opportunity it has given me to make a positive difference in children’s lives."

Kaitlin (Centre Manager)

"People say do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. I could not think of a better phrase to express how much I love what we do here. These kids become our family, watching them learn and grow into adults could not be more rewarding."

Julie (Admin Manager)

“You will always find me at the end of the phone or an email for any assistance you may require. Having the experience of being a Mom with children who have been through our education system, I find myself in a position to help both children and parents alike. My children have also been through the Master Maths system and I know the value of what we offer here and the importance of them achieving the best possible outcome for their Maths.  No matter what your child’s career choice is, make sure they have Maths under their belt.”

Ron (Senior Tutor)

“To see our learners improve their maths and excel in the long run is one of the most rewarding moments that you experience as a tutor at Master Maths Rosebank. It is such a pleasure to be a part of the Master Maths Rosebank family and to help nurture the world’s tomorrow.”

Jenni (Senior Tutor)


"It is truly rewarding working in a friendly and productive environment doing what I love. I feel privileged to be a part of such a dynamic team of individuals who are passionate about helping students reach their full potential."

Andrew (Senior Tutor)

"My years of tutoring at Master Maths have given me a passion for teaching and encouraged me to study further and become a teacher. I hope my love of maths will inspire the students I teach to try their best to learn to love it too."

Ayesha (Full-time Tutor)


"In 2015- my matric year- I attended lessons at Master Maths myself. I remember triumphantly sending a message about my final marks to the tutors who met my joy with pride and celebration. I’ve never forgotten the structured information and creative explanations as well as the many pep-talks that got me through prelims and finals. This is why it was and has been an honour to return here as a tutor. I am determined to incite and share the same passion for Maths and Science that I gained here."

Adelaide (Full-time Tutor)

"I have been tutoring here for four years now. I love having the opportunity to help children who are struggling and hating maths learn to love the subject as the tutors here once helped me do."


Caroline (Tutor)

"A part time job teaching maths was great for me while I was at university student. I didn’t think I would enjoy it so much that I wouldn’t want to leave! More than 20 years, and a PHD later, I’m still here on Saturday mornings teaching maths to our students and being taught about everything else by them. Thank you, Colleen and Master Maths, for allowing me this amazing opportunity to do what I love for so many years."

Jonathan (Tutor)

"I am an Electrical Engineering student at Wits and I’m passionate about all things maths and science. I am not here just to give students information, but to inspire them to think critically and enjoy the work they are doing. I hope to motivate my students to be the most inquisitive and prepared they can be. Let’s flourish at maths and science together."


Kelly (Tutor)

"I have been working at Master Maths for a year. I’m now a 2nd year medical student at Witwatersrand University. I really enjoy how even after a long week of learning new things I can come to Master Maths and experience an entirely different way of learning through tutoring, while still being able to help kids with their learning. I love the co-operative family-style environment that our team brings to the Rosebank branch and hope to be a part of it for a lot longer."

Leonard (Tutor)

"I have a BSc in Mathematics and a BComm Hon in Economic Science, both from Wits. I worked at Master Maths in 2013 and 2014 and recently came back in June 2017. I thoroughly enjoy working with the children and passing on my mathematical knowledge and I love the nurturing environment that Colleen has created at Master Maths Rosebank."

Maxine (Tutor)

"Master Maths Rosebank is such a wonderful environment to be in. The students make tutoring so enjoyable with the pride they show in their work. After a long afternoon of teaching and engaging with the students I’m left with a big grin on my face and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. I’m so proud of the responsibility and assertiveness the students show towards their maths. I feel that I gain so much from working with the students, that I grow and learn from them, just as much as they do from me."

Michael (Tutor)

"I have been working at Master Maths for a year now, and I am thoroughly enjoying my time here. Helping every child and watching them grow has inspired me to pursue a career in teaching, in the hope I can have a larger impact on our country."

Tshepiso (Tutor)

"I started off as a Master Maths student then was given a platform to become a tutor since 2016. What I enjoy more than ripping through a problem is sharing my passion for maths with ambitious students."

Henk (Tutor)

"I’m busy finishing my degree in Applied Mathematics and I tutor at Master Maths part time. It’s a wonderful environment to interact and pass on my knowledge of such an interesting topic onto the children. Its rewarding year after year to see the students grow in competence and in confidence as they get themselves ready for varsity."

Our Students

Grade 12

Grade 12

“In the past 2 years my marks have improved from D’s to B’s and I’m aiming for an A!”

Grade 6

Grade 6

“Die tutors by Master Maths is so vriendelik en ek het nou baie meer selfvertroue!”

Grade 10

Grade 10

“Master Maths is a fun friendly place to improve my maths.”

Grade 12

Grade 12

“Master Maths keeps me motivated and working hard towards my matric distinction.”