Get over the mid-year academic slump

It can be difficult to be motivated to achieve anything in the middle of the year.  It’s far too long since we made our New Year’s resolutions and the weather can get to us too.

Here are some ways you can overcome the mid-year slump and make 2016 a successful year!

1. Simplify your routine.

It’s great to want to hit the ground running after the holidays, but it can be rather challenging – especially in winter!

Start by simplifying your routine. Get back into what works for you. Wake up when you used to, shower when you used to, get to school on time, get to your after-school activities on time, and schedule your homework sessions for the times that work for you.

Once you have this right, you can add to your new goals and aspirations – slowly and one at a time.

2. Plan

Set yourself a plan for the rest of the year. Look at what work you have covered and will need to be able to do for the exams, and make a revision timetable. Talk to your teachers about what new work you will be covering, so you can schedule it into your revision timetable. Remember to plan some fun things too! We can’t just work and not play!

3. Your well-being

It may be winter, but we’re very lucky in South Africa, as that doesn’t mean there is no sunlight. On a good day, grab a picnic blanket and do your homework, or some revision outside.  Take a break and go for a walk or do some exercise!  Also, remember to drink enough water every day, as your body still needs  to cleanse itself and function properly, despite the cold!

4. Declutter

There is a good chance you have half a year’s (or more!) worth of pieces of paper, and scraps and doodles on your desk. It’s time to clean up!

A clear work space helps you to concentrate on what needs to be done. So do some filing, throw away bits and pieces you don’t need and reorganise your desk, or workspace, if you need to.

If you share space with a sibling or a parent, ask them to join in and clean their space too. You’ll all benefit from a fresh space.

5. Define success

We all make some New Year’s resolutions to which we never get. Now is a good time to revise your goals concerning your school work. Make them realistic so that you will still be challenged to achieve better results.

Click here to find your nearest centre for assistance to achieve your goals and plan for the rest of the year.