36 years of experience in mathematics tuition has taught us that the first and second terms can be very difficult for some learners. Dealing with a new year and workload, as well as interacting with new teachers and learners, can be overwhelming. Often, learners find that the first two terms’ mark are lower than they are used to achieving, especially for the amount of work they have put in. However, it’s never too late to make a change to positive results!

For this reason, Master Maths centres throughout the country offer holiday workshops. These are open to all learners from Grade 4 to 12. These programmes are run through all the holidays, starting early in January to give learners a jump start on the year, through to September, right before the last exams of the year to prepare our learners for exams. Each of these opportunities are created to help learners achieve the marks they are aiming for. Our inspired tutors facilitate all holiday workshops.

Not all of our centres offer these courses, so contact the centre closest to you, to find out if they can accommodate you. We also give preference to learners who are already enrolled in our centres, so the sooner you sign up for tuition the better! Also, the workshops do fill up quickly, so enquire and book your spot sooner rather than later!

Please visit Maths Lessons the M2 Way for more information about the system we use for maths tuition.