Maths requirements for university entry. It is very important that learners take maths at high school level. These subjects are required should they want to further their studies with many university courses. Generally learners who want to study degrees like engineering or natural sciences have to pass mathematics if they want to qualify for university admission. However, learners are sometimes surprised to find that they need science/maths to be accepted into courses that fall in ‘non-science’ related university departments (e.g. you need Maths 3 {40 to 49%} to be accepted into Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria). That is why it’s very important to check which subjects you will need before deciding not to take maths.

We can help you find out if you need maths and/or physical science to get into that course:

Luckily for you, Master Maths is here to help! We have researched university admissions and compiled the documents below detailing which courses you will need maths and/or science for. Please note that these are just guidelines and you should contact the individual universities to confirm their specific course requirements. We have only listed the university courses for which you will need maths and/or science.

University of Cape Town (pdf.) UCT University link (entrance requirements)
University of the Western Cape (pdf.) UWC University link (entrance requirements)
Stellenbosch University (pdf.) Stellenbosch University link (entrance requirements)
Free State University (pdf.) Free State University link (entrance requirements)
North West University (pdf.) North West University link (entrance requirements)
Pretoria University (pdf.) Pretoria University link (entrance requirements)
Rhodes University (pdf.) Rhodes University link (entrance requirements)
UNISA (pdf.) Unisa University link (entrance requirements)
Witwatersrand University (pdf.) Wits University link (entrance requirements)
Johannesburg University (pdf.) Johannesburg University link (entrance requirements)
Cape Peninsular University of Technology (pdf.) CPUT University Link (entrance requirements)
University of Fort Hare (pdf.) University of Fort Hare link (entrance requirements)
University of KwaZulu-Natal (pdf.) University of Kwazulu Natal (entrance requirements)
University of Limpopo (pdf.) University of Limpopo (entrance requirements)
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (pdf.) NMMU University Link (entrance requirements)