• Are you a grade 12 learner or left school in the last two years?
  • Do you love Maths and Physical Science?
  • Do you think you have the ability to help those that battle with Maths or Physical science?
  • Do you, or did you have good marks (70%+) for Maths of Physical Science in Grade 12?
Then a Maths and Physical Science Tutor Position might be for you:

Our tutoring is of an extremely high standard and our tutors are trained extensively before they start to tutor. This training will be in-job (yes you will be paid). It is however very intense and will require dedication and perseverance from your side. You will start out as a junior tutor and receive training on how to use our system. Ultimately you can progress to a tutor, senior tutor or centre manager position. Many of our franchise owners were tutors and have now become very prominent business people.

We are looking for young people who are interested in staying with us for a long time. That is why only candidates who fit the profile will be chosen for an interview. Because our system is also available in Afrikaans you have to be able to communicate effectively in Afrikaans. When you apply please indicate that you are applying for the Junior Tutor Position. Also provide your Grade 11 or Grade 12 Maths and/or Physical Science marks (yes we will check).

To apply for a position click here and please indicate that you are applying for the Junior Tutor Position when you submit a short CV.