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Classes or ‘lessons’ for grade 4 to 12 learners. Our Master Maths Durban centre provides extra maths help using trained tutors for mathematics teaching and tutoring. Wiskunde ekstra klasse is volledig tweetalig.

Master Maths Durban was the first franchise in KZN and it was opened in 1976. Our passion and the love of helping students in coping with their studies saw us taking over the Durban Branch of Master Maths in 1982.

We have seen and kept abreast of the many changes in education from the old traditional Higher grade / Standard grade system, O.B.E to todays Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy syllabi.

We have been involved in Teacher Upgrade projects and mentored fledgling branches in KZN. We find ourselves tutoring second generation clients – this is a testament to both our tutoring skills and the Master Maths system.

Each student is tutored on an individual basis and the main goals are for them to achieve their full potential and become independent. We look forward to meeting you and helping you unlock the mysteries of mathematics.

Now also offering Master Science: physical science tuition for grades 10 to 12! Click here to visit our Master Science page.

Centre Team

Judy Connellan

From developing programs for Head Office, running the Junior Maths section, running a satellite centre at Durban Girls High, being the best teacher at the Glenwood centre! A real gem whose passion and love of the students is unsurpassable.

Greg Connellan

School installations and backup / support, admin, maintenance, I.T and teaching at the Glenwood centre. Concern and love of helping the students, to the extent of getting a “Father’s day card” means he must be doing something right? Extremely proud of all our students and love the surprise visits from the “oldies.”

Nicole Swartz

Nicole started at Master Maths as a learner and has progressed to becoming a tutor. The obvious benefit of being a learner first,  is being totally familiar with the modules and understanding the structure and the way in which Master Maths works. Nicole is the centre's  neat and tidy "busy bee" and is a valuable member of the Durban Master Maths team.

Luke Smith

Luke has been with Master Maths and Master Science for 2 years. He enjoys helping equip learners with the necessary knowledge to overcome the challenges they face in both maths and science. He particularly enjoys the science practicals with  the adult upgrade learners. Another valuable member of the Durban Master Maths and Science team.

Our Students

Grade 7

"I enrolled at Master Maths in Grade 6.  My marks were low and I often got 64% as my year end average. A month after I had started my lessons at Master Maths, I had a maths test. To my surprise I got 84% for my test. Ever since my marks have remained in the 80’s thanks to the tutors Greg, Judy, Luke and Nicole."

Grade 11

"Master Maths and Master Science is helping improve my marks, from what it was when I first begun lessons in 2016. I am able to understand Physical Science as it is taught to me in an easier way as compared to at school. I learn most of my theory at Master Science compared to how much I learn at school."

Grade 12

"I joined Master Maths towards the end of 2015. I was in Grade 10 at the time and after three terms of having the same maths mark, my marks finally increased. My marks steadily increased, which showed that my classes were helping. This was proven last year when my term marks were no longer in the 50’s but are now in the 80’s."




Grade 12

"In grade 11 I struggled with my maths and science. I decided to start extra lessons at Master Maths and Master Science. It has helped me become more confident in my work and the revision program assists with my preparation for the upcoming final exams. My marks in both maths and science has increased and there is always someone available to help me when I am struggling. I am thankful for all the help they are giving me."


Rewrite Learner

"I am currently an IEB student upgrading my grade 12 maths at Master Maths. Master Maths has helped me gain confidence and understanding in concepts that I would not normally grasp. My overall understanding and ability to do maths has improved way beyond what I thought I was capable of doing."


Rewrite Learner

"I am currently a Master Maths and Master Science adult IEB student working at upgradingmyt maths and science mark. Coming to Master Maths has helped me to understand the things that while in high school I struggled to understand. I never enjoyed maths and science, but now I am growing fond of it. The tutors help every learner in the same way that they help me and it is easy to enjoy coming to Master Maths."