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Classes or ‘lessons’ for grade 4 to 12 learners. Our Master Maths The Bluff centre provides extra maths help using trained tutors for mathematics teaching and tutoring. Wiskunde ekstra klasse is volledig tweetalig.

Master Maths Bluff is located at 380 Tara Road, directly across the road from the Pick n Pay centre (Hillside Mall). Maths and Science require lots of hard work and an individual teaching approach can make a huge difference in a learner's marks very quickly. At Master Maths Bluff we ensure your child is catered to individually and taught in the most effective way for them.

Master Maths and Science offer high quality computer-based lessons and worksheets which, when combined with our level of tutor determination, has allowed our learners to continually show exciting improvements or to maintain their excellent results.

We are passionate about Maths and Science and that passion is contagious. We believe in uplifting every learner that walks through our door to achieve their dreams and goals, whether they are battling, excelling, or looking to upgrade their matric through our IEB course. Do your part and make sure that you have motivated and capable people guiding your child through their schooling career.

Make the change to positive results today – call to book your free one-hour demonstration lesson and we will show you the path to maths and physics results that you can be proud of.


Centre Team

 Robyn Seethal

"The Master Maths and Science teaching system is unique and innovative.  The students’ learning modules are interactive and allow the students to move at their own pace, helping the students to realize their full potential."



Our Students

Grade 12

“After struggling to understand concepts in maths and physics I was introduced to Master Maths. The unique and interactive approach to teaching helped me to grasp and understand concepts quickly. The tutor is ready to help us at any time and answers any questions we may have. Master Maths gave me the confidence to write an exam without fear.”

 Grade 9

"Before doing Master Maths, I didn't like maths class. I couldn't participate in the lessons and I was always confused. Now, maths is my favourite lesson. My confidence has increased and I look forward to better maths results and a better future."

Grade 6

"Master Maths has helped me improve my work in class. I am ahead of the others. Thanks a lot Master Maths, you are making a difference."

 Grade 7

“Master Maths has helped me improve in many ways; I understand all my work and I am doing better in my assessments. I like the way the modules are set up - they explain very well and if I need help I just raise my hand and I get help instantly. The tutors make sure that I understand my work and they try their hardest to make sure I get an A.”

Grade 7

“When I first started I was not very good at maths. I started doing helpful lessons and modules that kept me motivated. Master Maths also gave me a book which had very good study tips. I like that when I am struggling I get help from the tutors. I also find the revision worksheets helpful.”