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Master Maths Stanger provides extra maths tutoring help for grade 4 to 12 learners. Classes are ‘lessons’ supported by trained tutors teaching mathematics. Ons bied ook wiskunde ekstra klasse in Afrikaans.

Today we find too many  adults and kids alike saying: "Maths Is Just Not My Thing",  when the problem is merely that they haven't understood it yet. Maths is hardly the struggle it appears to be. At Master Maths Stanger, we use the highly effective Master Maths system with interactive modules written by professional teachers to build a solid base knowledge of Mathematics. Thus taking away the fear of working with numbers and more complex problems. The system is fun and challenging and kids begin to enjoy doing Maths.

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Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 17:00

Saturdays: 08:30 - 14:00

Centre Team

Das Harilal


"As a Maths educator, I personally feel that Master Maths is an excellent system and I suggest every student get to know the working of the system and benefit  from it. You have nothing to lose but to gain tremendously."

Suveer Maharaj


"This unique method of integrating personal contact from tutors with interactive computer lessons sets us apart from other tuition services. I personally see the benefits of these methods in the results of my own kids."

Vimmi Moodley

"The problem in Mathematics is that the basics are not well mastered.  Pupils performing poorly in Grades 10, 11, and 12 need to remedy ground work. Master Maths gives the student the opportunity to go back to basics in Mathematics and create stronger building blocks for the senior years at school."


Myra Gungapursat

"After having found  Maths quite the challenge, I've come to love this system. It makes learning so much more interesting. The satisfaction of seeing our students have an -"Oh! Now I get it!"- moment is priceless."

Our Students

Grade 10

"Master Maths has proven to be big help with my understanding of Maths. The improvement in my marks sends me over the moon. Master Maths offers individual tuition and when assistance is needed there's always someone to meet the need. The atmosphere is cool, calm, and collected. Knowing we can work at our own pace means there's no pressure"

Grade 10

“Master Maths helps because it offers individual tuition. Therefore I have more time to: spend on a specific section, go back and revise, and learn at my own pace. My marks have improved to the high 90's since starting at Master Maths”

Grade 10

“I've been with Master Maths for a few years now, I've come from being a "B average" to an "A+ average" student with the help of Master Maths”

Grade 9

“What I like about Master Maths is that you have your own space and are given time to do your own work. I like that anything you don’t understand you get help from the tutor and the computer. I like that nobody disturbs you and you understand everything in every kind of detail and that way Maths becomes easy”

Grade 12

"Master Maths was an immense help to me in improving my maths marks during matric.

Their lessons explained the work in a clear and understandable manner using examples and multiple questions which required me to apply the knowledge I learned, along with their friendly staff who are always the to answer any questions you might have.

Thanks to them I was able to pass maths and qualify for Bachelor of Accounting at Stellenbosch University, I would encourage any student considering maths tution to come to Master Maths for the help you need."