2017 could be the year that your Maths ability improves with Master MENL_Tutor [275x137.5]-01Maths!

Master Maths helps over 14 000 learners a year. Our combination of interactive lessons and tutors help to teach learners to think independently.

To gain the most from our system, it is best if learners enrol right at the beginning of the school year. This helps the learner to gain the most from the Master Maths experience. As the work is covered in class, the tutors can help the learner to consolidate their knowledge. This is better than trying to revise all the work done in the year when it comes to exams. Revising in this way doesn’t help the learner to understand the maths principles they are working with, or enable them to solve any maths problem.

Some learners need more tutor attention than others, and by registering at the beginning of the year, the tutors can ensure that the learners who need the most attention receive it. All learners will need some direct human assistance at some point during their maths education, and our tutors are always there to help.

Register as early as possible to gain the most from the Master Maths experience. The first step is to find your nearest centre, which you can do on our homepage.

If you require any assistance, please contact our Head Office and they will assist you.