Master Maths is in the fortunate position to be able to provide support for Technical Mathematics.  We already have Grade 10 learners from Technical High Schools, doing Technical Mathematics, enrolled at some of our centres. Although our support currently does not cover the entire curriculum content, most of what we already have can be used to support learners through their Grade 10 year. We are in the process of developing more material to cover more of the Technical Mathematics curriculum content in the near future.

What is Technical Mathematics?

In 2014 the Department of Education introduced a revised Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) for Technology (Technical Subjects). As part of this revision two new subjects, Technical Mathematics and Technical Sciences have been implemented from January this year (2016) for Grade 10 learners. Next year it will then be implemented for Grade 11 and in 2018 for Grade 12 learners.

These subjects will only be available at technical high schools in South Africa. This is a small percentage of public schools, but they offer vital opportunities to pursue a technical education to many learners. If your school offers any of the following subjects you should be able to also take technical mathematics: Civil Technology, Electrical Technology and Mechanical Technology. However, you will need to confirm with your school if you are able to take the subject.

Technical Mathematics will not be extended to other academic schools in the system. Mathematics and Physical Sciences will continue to be offered at technical schools in addition to the two new subjects.

The broad aims of this proposed new curriculum for technical high schools remain similar to those of the National Curriculum Statement. It aims to develop high levels of engineering and technology knowledge and skills, preparing learners for the world of work or self-employment or to pursue engineering fields in higher education.

The curriculum strives for the integration of theory, practice and reflection. Mastering technical skills is considered as important as exposing learners to entrepreneurial opportunities.