The Parabora Mining Company set up a foundation to assist with their goal of empowering the local community. They have been running this corporate social responsibility campaign for a few decades, and have aimed to empower the local community through education, community health and economic development. As far as education is concerned, they provide opportunities for learners in the area to take part in Olympiads and the Eskom Young Science Expo. They are also involved with a number of service providers that cater for early development needs, learner support programmes and in-service education and support for teachers.

Since 1994, Master Maths has assisted the Parabora Foundationwith their education goals. They started out with one centre that had twenty eight work stations. Now they have two centres, Rixile and Leboneng that hosts 120 learners at any given time.They also provide training, hardware and support to three school in the area, for which they sponsor the licensing of the Master Maths system.

Grade 12 mathematics marks from 2013

In 2013, the Parabora Foundation had forty nine grade 12 enrolled for mathematics at their Master Maths centres. 92% of these learners passed their mathematics exams. The overall average for these learners is 63.3%. It’s great to see that the foundation is still producing fantastic grade 12 results.

Grade 12 physical science marks from 2013

The Parabora Foundation took Master Science on for the pilot period of 2013. Forty nine learners from the foundation wrote the physical science exams in 2013 and 94% of them passed. The overall average for this group is 58.4%. This was a successful pilot period for Master Science and we hope that 2014 will yield even better results!

What makes Parabola different?

They are extremely strict when it comes to choosing learners to attend tuition at their centres. With the help of the head master at Frans du Toit High School, they select learners that show promise in mathematics. The learners need to attend all of the sessions that they book, unless the have a valid excuse, otherwise their spot is offered to another learner that would like to make use of the tuition service. More than 500 learners are currently enrolled at the foundation’s centres.

Parabora’s mathematics track record

In 2008, the foundation had fifty eight grade 12 learners enrolled in their Master Maths centres. Every single learner passed their exams, and the group average was 60.5%.

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