Maths tuition system that delivers results.

A maths tuition system that delivers results:
Master Maths has been providing tuition since 1976. We have helped two generations of South Africans with tuition and we currently have 14 000+ learners at more than 154 centres in Southern Africa.

Maths tuition is offered in English and Afrikaans.

Ons is volledig tweetalig (in Afrikaans en Engels):

Onderrig in jou moedertaal is van kardinale belang. Vind hier meer uit oor klasse in Afrikaans.

Master Maths focuses on individual maths tuition.

Learner-specific maths tuition:
We do not teach in groups nor use drill-and-practise methods. Instead, our tutors pinpoint problem areas and develop a plan of action based on learners’ individual needs. Our maths tuition system allows tutors to spend quality time with each learner, to assess and guide his or her progress, reinforce concepts and give learners individual attention.

Interactive lessons help out learners achieve in maths.Interactive maths tuition experience:

Our unique interactive lessons sustains learner attention and makes maths tuition fun. The computer interface ensures that learners take responsibility for their own learning process, which improves their ability to work independently.

Master Maths tuition is based on the South African curriculum.Complete curriculum delivery:

Our system is aligned to the South African curriculum and is constantly updated to ensure that maths lessons are conducted with the correct material.

Maths lessons with continuous review.
On-going review:

On enrolment, we use baseline assessments to determine a learner's strengths and weaknesses. The tutor then constantly monitors their progress and makes the necessary adjustments to each learner’s specialised maths tuition programme.

Maths tutors add a personal touch with lessons fitted to suit each learner.
Personal touch:
We do everything in our ability to have close contact with learners’ schools and teachers. Master Maths also does everything to keep up with any new maths education developments and educational technology. Visit our Inspired Tutors page for more information about our tutors.