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Classes or ‘lessons’ for grade 4 to 12 learners. Our Master Maths Ermelo centre provides extra maths help using trained tutors for mathematics teaching and tutoring. Wiskunde ekstra klasse is volledig tweetalig.

Maths is not just a subject; it is a way of thinking. Because of the logical nature of maths, excelling at maths will also increase your logical thinking skills in all life situations. Maths is one of the most worthy subjects one can have in school that will be used in your everyday life. Maths forces us to look at things from many different angles.These facts as well as my passion for mathematics inspired me to further my studies at tertiary level in Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Financial Mathematics. Master Maths Ermelo emphasizes effective tutor involvement. This means that independent learning and responsibility for one’s own learning is promoted.

Now also offering Master Science: physical science tuition for grades 10 to 12! Click here to visit our Master Science page.

Centre Team

Antonelle Combrink

I’m have been the owner/manager/tutor of the centre since May 2010. My passion for mathematics inspired me to motivate young students. It gives me great pleasure to see how students improve their maths skills.

Our Students

Grade 12

“Danksy Master Maths en harde werk is ek positief oor wiskunde en het my punte met 16% verbeter.”

Grade 10

“Master Maths helped me to improve my marks with 34%.”

Grade 9

“Thank you Master Maths, my marks increased by 54% since I’ve started.”

Grade 9

“Ek hou van wiskunde en te danke aan Master Maths het my punte opgeskuif na 91%.”

Grade 10

“Thanks to Master Maths I have improved tremendously in my work.”

Grade 11

“Ek geniet nou wiskunde! My punte het alreeds met 15% verbeter!”