Master Maths is not only a computer programme, neither is it an online teaching tool or a computer programme that you buy!

The learner has to attend extra maths classes at a centre in order to use the lesson interface, during which, they will be supervised and supported by tutors. As seen in the Maths Lessons the M2 Way segment, the tutor is in fact a component of the system, and cannot be removed. This is why Master Maths is not like computer programmes that are available on the internet or that you can buy.

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This said, the M2 system is completely computer integrated and utilizes animated graphics to convey the content. A team of in-house graphic designers make sure that the learner's interest is sustained, and that the content remains as interactive as possible. Computer graphics are used to interactively illustrate theory and experiments. Modern learners are more visually inclined, and our maths programme creates an interface they can relate to.


The software development process is supervised by our brilliant maths teachers. This ensures that the creative aspect relates to actual problems and conveys the concepts they want to impart on the learners.


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