The third term is a good time to take control of the academic year. Athletics are over and everyone has settled into their routine. School reports have also been handed out, so we all know what subjects need to be maintained to receive the marks we want, and which subjects need a bit of help.

We have created a term planner for your to download and customize according to your own timetable. You can download it by clicking here.

Each term has a different number of weeks in them. Term two has 11 weeks and term three has 10 weeks.

So term three only has 10 weeks. You can customizing it by scratching out any weeks which are a surplus for the term. Start by indicating the beginning of the school term and the public holidays that fall into the term.

Now, when your teachers give you test dates and project deadlines, you can add them into the planner. You can also add sport and culture events, and don't forget to pencil in all your exams.

One you have all of your deadlines in place, you will be able to see how much time you have to prepare for each task. Pencil in when you need to study or work on assignments. Put aside some time each day to deal with the homework you were assigned in class.

The "open" spaces and times on your planner are where you can now spend some time doing revision. Have a look back over your work from term 1 and 2. Divide up all your modules into what you feel you know and understand, and the modules that you need time to work on. Take the modules that you need time to work on and pencil in times to deal with thee first. This way, you don't end up close to exams still not understanding work that your struggled with at the beginning of the year. Then pencil in the work that you found easier. You will probably need less time to revise the "easier" work than your problem area modules. As you cover new modules in class, pencil in revision dates and times, dependent on how well you feel you grasped the content.

For help with your maths and physical science revision, especially for your problem areas, find your nearest Master Maths centre by clicking here.