A pioneering education franchise:

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Master Maths  made history in 1976 when it was amongst the first education companies to make use of audio-visual teaching methods (tapes and slides). We were also one of the first to provide individualised extra maths tuition to school children. Master Maths continued its pioneering ways in 1978 when it became one of the first businesses in South Africa to franchise its business concept.

A new dawn in maths education:

The business was acquired by Johan and Petro Welgens in 1995. At this time, it had 30 franchisees operating from 30 centres. They soon realized that the “tapes and slides” technology had become out-dated and that it was time to upgrade the teaching material to more current technology. Under their leadership, the business developed a unique computer based mathematics teaching system which was launched in the Master Maths franchises in 2000.

Master Maths  Franchise facts:

The number of franchise areas grew from 33 in 2000, to 78 in 2004, and is currently at 112 (with more than 140 centers in those areas). In 2000 we had about 4000 students and at the moment we have more than 12 000. This phenomenal growth is quite amazing if you take into account that most of our clients enrol based on referrals (giving testament to the outstanding quality of the system).

A need for a maths tuition franchise:

Education in South Africa and indeed worldwide is a cause for concern for most governments. The main reason for this is the lack of adequately qualified teachers. Undisciplined learner and violence in schools has caused many teachers to leave the industry and has dissuaded many students from entering the profession.

Finding qualified and experienced teachers, especially in science and mathematics, is becoming increasingly difficult. The unique way in which Master Maths has addressed the teaching and learning of mathematics (and soon science) could become a solutions to be applied in the wider private and governmental education environment.

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