Registration for 2022 is now open. Contact us today to find out about registration! 

It is now possible to rewrite Mathematics and Physical Science, or take these subjects for the very first time with Master Maths! The IEB has granted the Master Maths group registration status as an Examination Centre of Mathematics in 2015, and extended this to Physical science in 2016.

Learners who have previously completed their National Senior Certificate (NSC) can do or redo Mathematics and/or Physical Science as a single NSC subject with Master Maths. Learners can complete their year mark and improve their mathematics and physical science knowledge at any of the 150 centres across South Africa. They will then be able to write their NSC final exams at specially designated Master Maths centres in every province.

Master Maths NSC learners will be provided with the lessons, year mark, exam preparation and a venue to complete their exams. Learners do not need to redo all the Grade 12 subjects desired for a NSC, or enrol as an exam candidate at a high school.


If the following applies to you then the Master Maths upgrade programme is your you:

  • You have completed the Grade 12 NSC, but your mathematics or physical science marks were not good enough to get into a specific tertiary course.
  • You completed the Grade 12 NSC with Mathematical Literacy and you would now like to do Mathematics in order to improve your future employment or study opportunities.
  • You didn't have Physical Science in high school and would like to complete it in order to get into a specific tertiary course.

After completion learners will be presented with an UMALUSI subject certificate indicating the mark they achieved for their NSC Grade 12 Mathematics and/or Physical Science. They can then present this to tertiary institutions. Not only will Master Maths centres uphold the excellent quality of education expected from the IEB, they will also endeavour to make sure that learners do well enough in mathematics and physical science for a better future.

We recommend that students attend at least 10 hours of contact time (in the centre) per week per subject, as well as study at home.

The monthly cost for 2022 is R2770* per subject (*additional admin costs not included). If you are unable to commit to the time and cost implications, our programme is not for you.