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From Grade 4 extra lessons to Grade 12 exams, Master Maths can help you level up this year

To help learners really understand the concepts and master Maths skills, we approach extra tuition in our time-proven way: offering hands-on, individual attention and not group lessons.

We guide learners to find solutions on their own, and to experience the motivational satisfaction of grasping the underlying principles of Maths.

  • The M2 way combines our computer-based system with the expert input of real-life tutors in interactive classes.
  • The learning is fleshed out by written practice in your local Master Maths centre and at home.
  • We monitor each learner’s progress through written assessments. The assessments are analysed with specially developed analysis grids, so that individual feedback can be given.
  • Any of our Master Maths services can be supplemented with additional Online Maths Lessons that will enable the learner to complete additional lessons at home (only if online lessons are recommended by the tutor). This requires an additional service contract.

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Extra Maths Lessons

Get back on top with individual extra maths lessons.
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Short Maths Courses

Struggling with a specific topic in maths? Here’s just what you need.
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Maths Exam Revision

Revise, practise and write your upcoming exams with confidence.
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Online Maths Lessons

Supplement your in-centre tuition with interactive home lessons.
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Master Maths was established in 1976 and we have helped two generations of learners succeed with maths.

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