Extra Maths Lessons

Catch up or get back on top with individual lessons.
Extra Maths Lessons

How it works

For more than 45 years, Master Maths learners have achieved success with our approach to extra tuition.

Learners enrol on a monthly contract to attend classes at a MM centre for a set number of hours per week.

Some learners enrol for a few months to master certain aspects they are struggling with, while others are enrolled for longer periods to ensure they stay on top of the work as it is taught at schools.

Extra Maths Lessons can be supplemented with Online Maths Lessons, if recommended by the tutor.

Extra Maths Lessons
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Who will benefit?

  • Grades 4 to 12 Maths learners, at both DBE and IEB schools. (Both write the same NSC at the end of Grade 12.)
  • Cambridge Primary Mathematics Stage 4 to 6 learners.
  • Cambridge Lower Secondary Mathematics Stage 7 to 9 learners.
  • Cambridge IGCSE learners.
  • Grade 9 to 12 Physical Science learners.
  • Home-schoolers.
Extra Maths Lessons

Why it works

At the centre there is time to address any unfinished learning in topics if the learner has gaps in their knowledge and skills.

The extra lessons augment and supplement what is being done in the classroom on a continuous basis.

With more time spent in the centre, the learner improves knowledge, skills and understanding -- and becomes more confident and motivated. This improved confidence in their ability can translate into better marks at school.

Extra Maths Lessons

When to enrol

It’s preferable to start extra Maths lessons in the lower grades, before slipping too far behind in school.

For the same reason, it is better to enrol early in the year.

January to November. Centres are closed during December.

    Extra Maths Lessons
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