Set up an effective revision timetable

Preliminary exams are coming up and the end of the year is in sight. If you haven’t drawn up your exam timetable yet, it’s time to get cracking! To make it easier, we’ve created a timetable for a month that you can edit and use to create your own revision schedule.

You can download the timetable here.

How to draw up an effective revision timetable:

  1. List all your subjects.
  2. Divide each subject into smaller components. E.g. mathematics – algebra, geometry, trigonometry. You can even divide these into more manageable chunks, depending on the amount of work you need to cover.
  3. Vary the subjects to be studied on one day. Include sections from areas with which you struggle, your favoured subjects as well as those that are less demanding. Variety is the spice of life and thus you won’t be weighed down by one monotonous load of work
  4. Decide what pieces of work need short periods of time, and which you’ll need up to a day to work through. Analyse the period of time you’ll need to spend on each subject area, depending on how demanding you find them.
  5. Download the template we have provided and fill in the month and its dates.
  6. Fill in the dates for any tests or assignments you have.
  7. Fill in the pieces of revision that will take a whole day.
  8. Distribute the rest of your revision tasks according to the time you have available each day. For example, on week days you may have only 4 hours to revise; days with sports practice, 2 hours and on a weekend 9 hours a day.
  9. Remember to allow yourself some time to exercise and relax.

Putting revision into practice:

  1. Start your day off with something you know you can accomplish. This will help keep you motivated.
  2. Optimum concentration time is about 30 minutes. Keep that in mind when you are arranging your breaks. Work on a ratio of a 30 minute study period, followed by a 10 minute break.
  3. Cross things off your list when you have finished them, to monitor your progress.
  4. Ensure you have a good night’s sleep before the exam.

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