Top Tips to Get Back into Your School Routine After the Holidays

Students, does it really matter how you start the school term? In a word, YES!

As we head into the final push of the year, it’s time to shake off your same-old homework and study habits and get ready for the home stretch.

School is a vital part of our lives. In fact, our schooling starts the moment we are born and then flows into the more formal form of schooling that we are all familiar with. School prepares us for life and career; we never stop learning.

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Thanks, Michelle! So, now that you are inspired to think of school as a great way to spend your day 😊 let’s turn our attention to setting yourself up for a year of success. We’ve put together some tips to help you get back into your school routine quicker more smoothly. Take a look.

Tip #1: Adjust your wake-up time

The holidays are a time to stay up late and laze in bed in the morning, so this is probably the first issue to tackle. Start changing this lazybones routine during the last week of holidays so that when the first day of school rolls around, your sleep routine is back to what it should be for term time.

Tip #2: Check your supplies

You don’t want to get into class and find you do not have all the necessary stationery and books. Be prepared! Check your supplies during the holidays and stock up on what is needed. It is very disrupting to get started on a task in class only to run out of ink after a few lines of writing. Definitely a glitch in your back-to-school planning!

A bonus tip: the more fun the stationery, the more fun note taking becomes 😉

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Tip #3: Use class time wisely

Following on from the previous point, make every effort to concentrate in class and keep your focus on the tasks at hand. Do this and you will find that you will quickly be back into the swing of things. If you have free time in class, start on your homework. And remember there is always help available when you need it. Master Maths provides extra tutoring in maths and science so there’s no need to sweat! Help is at hand!

Tip #4: Switch off electronics

Class is definitely not the time or place to be texting your friends. You had no limits during the holidays but in class put those phones off and concentrate on what’s happening during the lesson. Things are just not going to go well for you if you are distracted by your phone. Remember: learning is preparation for life.

Tip #5: Do your homework

Keep up with your homework. If you lag behind in this you will soon feel like you never had a holiday. The work will pile up and you will start to feel overwhelmed. Establish this routine early in the term and you will breeze through the weeks.

And remember to ask for help if you are struggling. At Master Maths we aim to improve your results in maths and science. We offer specialised tutoring where you can learn at your own pace and reap the benefits. Check out this link to find the nearest Master Maths centre.

Happy studying everyone!

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