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About Durban Area – Kloof Master Maths

Classes or ‘lessons’ for grade 4 to 12 learners. Our Master Maths Kloof centre provides extra maths help using trained tutors for mathematics teaching and tutoring. Wiskunde ekstra klasse is volledig tweetalig.

The Master Maths Kloof branch was opened in 2004 by Barbara Southey and her passion and dedication towards mathematics and learners is still a huge part of the centre today and sets the standard for all who tutor alongside her.

Maths is one of the most challenging and diverse subjects that students will encounter and the mastering of such is a requirement for many careers. Each individual is unique in the way they learn and retain information and it is therefore great to have a programme which allows them to work at their own pace. Using an interactive computer system, capable tutors and written consolidation and testing, Master Maths Kloof strives to equip every learner with the confidence and knowledge they need to achieve their potential.

The centre also offers Master Science for Grades 10-12 and the teaching programme, together with tutor guidance, is helping many learners to improve their understanding and results.

Centre team


Barbara Southey

"I am passionate about Maths and my students. I love being part of the process where learners grasp concepts and practise applying skills."

Sue Mcmahon

"It is so rewarding seeing learners improve on their Maths mark and grow in confidence."

Jacky Chikunguru

"Maths is such great fun, and important to every student!"

Ruth Broodryk

"I always felt like I had to work 10 times harder than other students at maths. This not only gave me a greater knowledge and understanding of maths, but also allows me to truly empathize and support students who have the same love-hate relationship with maths."

Emma Hodgson

"Maths has always been one of my favourite subjects. It's rewarding to help students better understand the subject and work on their maths skills. With this understanding students often develop their own passion for the subject which is one of the greatest privileges to experience as a tutor."

Luyanda Madonsela

"Changing lives, one maths mark at a time."
  • Grade 10
    “Everybody at Master Maths is so friendly. The tutors have helped me understand by explaining easier ways to do maths.”
    Grade 10
  • Grade 7
    “I used to be an average student before I joined Master Maths, now I consistently achieve A-grade passes and I have become more confident in my approach to studying. Thank you to the patient and knowledgeable tutors at Master Maths.”
    Grade 7
  • Grade 10
    “Coming to Master Maths was one of the best things I could have done. I like maths now because I can actually do it. It is all thanks to the wonderful people at Master Maths!”
    Grade 10
  • Grade 11
    “What I like most about Master Maths are the friendly tutors that are there to guide you and help you understand what you had thought impossible. It has made doing maths a joy!”
    Grade 11

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