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About Secunda Master Maths

Classes or ‘lessons’ for grade 4 to 12 learners. Our Master Maths Secunda centre provides extra maths help using trained tutors for mathematics teaching and tutoring. Wiskunde ekstra klasseis volledig tweetalig.

Centre team


Reshoketswe Phala

"I have been a teacher for seventeen years and have learnt that teaching maths is like building a house, if the foundation is weak the house will collapse!"
  • Grade 8
    “Master Maths helped me improve my marks by 19%. Thank you Master Maths”
    Grade 8
  • Grade 9
    "Master Maths made me enjoy and love Maths and I have improved my marks by 12%"
    Grade 9
  • Grade 12
    “Master Maths has helped me a lot, I have improved from 66% to 89 %”
    Grade 12
  • Grade 11
    “Maths has been one of the depressing subjects but since I joined Master Maths I have improved from 62% to 84%.
    Grade 11
  • Grade 12
    “Master Maths taught me all the basics I need to move from fail to pass and I have improved by 15%.”
    Grade 12
  • Grade 6
    “Thank you Master Maths for helping me improve my marks from 56% to 76% and now I am top in my class."
    Grade 6
  • Grade 12
    “Master Maths helped me improve my marks by 20%, I really enjoy Maths now. Thank you Master Maths”
    Grade 12
  • Grade 10
    “Master Maths helped me improve my marks from 45% to 65%. Thank you Master Maths”
    Grade 10
  • Grade 12
    "Since attending Master Maths , I enjoy Maths and my marks have improved from 65% to 79%."
    Grade 12

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