If you need to change any of you contact details, such as phone numbers and addresses, please email them to Tamsin ([email protected]).

Please keep in mind the following when you would like to make changes to your webpage:

1. Please keep all the details in the same email. Attached the pictures and a word document with all the other details to the email. 

2. The word document should include all the information (text) that is needed for the update. Each section of your webpage has different information that is needed:

  • General centre information: Please insure that you send a picture f you centre (either the building or of your centre team), a short paragraph about your centre, and any contact information that needs to be changed.
  • Centre team: For each team member, please send a photo, short bio statements and their full names
  • Testimonials: Please send a short testimonial with a photo of each learner that you would like to submit. Please remember to include the grade that they are in.

3. Please send through unedited, jpeg files for your pictures. Please do not take pictures with a cell phone. Only cameras can provide the quality that we can use for the website.

4. Make sure to indicate in the Word document, which picture goes with which statement (make the photo name the learners' name).

5. Tamsin will inform you when your update has been completed. Then please check your pages to ensure that the updates all of your information is correct.