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Maths classes or ‘lessons’ for grade 4 to 12 learners. Our Master Maths Durbanville centre provides extra maths help using trained tutors for mathematics teaching and tutoring. Wiskunde ekstra klasse is volledig tweetalig.

To be good at mathematics you first need to understand the basic concepts, study some relevant examples, re-enforce your skills by means of exercises and then test your knowledge regularly. We at Master Maths Durbanville want to give every learner a real unique experience of learning mathematics. Our objective is to first identify any problem areas, rectify them as soon as possible, and make sure the learner is up to date with his/ her maths.

We ensure a relaxed and stimulating environment where the learner can develop a positive attitude towards mathematics and achieve a substantial improvement in performance.

To master Maths and Science it is important to do exercises and revise on a daily basis and we therefore emphasize effective tutor involvement. This makes learners more confident and self assured.

Also offering Master Science: physical science tuition for grades 10 to 12! Click here to visit our Master Science page.

Centre Team

Edus van Heerden

Owner & Maths Tutor - “I have been a teacher at several schools like, Huguenot High, Fairmont, Brackenfell, Durbanville, Stellenberg and Curro and I was also the Project manager for Mathematics at the Institute for Maths and Science Education at the University of Stellenbosch. I studied at Stellenbosch University and obtained a B.Sc, H.E.D, B.Ed and M.Ed degree. I specialized in the Didactics of Mathematics.I was also very privileged to visit and work at the University of Leuven in Belgium for a couple of weeks. I am also the co-author of 3 Mathematics text books and 2 Mathematics revision books.”

Monique Ferreira


Science Tutor - " I am currently studying BSc human anatomy and genetics at the University of Cape Town, but I've also had the immense honour of being a science and maths tutor over the past few years. I am very passionate about my work at Master Maths and it is an absolute pleasure to be able to teach science and share this passion."


Our Students

IEB Rewrite Learner

"Master Maths has helped me to rethink the way I take down notes when studying maths. They have made mathematics so simple you could say “it’s as easy as π”. I love the way they have shortened long and short topics in the mathematics syllabus, but at the same time made it so much easier to understand and do.
The ability to do mathematics modules on the computer also increases your chances of understanding the specific maths topic, if you don’t understand just hit that “Repeat” button and if you want to see the sum again hit the “Return” button. Master Maths have also increased my chances of getting into university to pursue my dream and the career desire to create."

Grade 12

"At the end of the first term I enrolled into the Master Science program and was sceptical whether it would improve my grades this late into my schooling career. At the start of the program I was not performing well. With the help of the program and teachers I was able to bring my marks above average. The environment we work in is comfortable and pleasant, and the program that the system is on is easy to use. I would highly recommend Master Science to anyone in need of help."

Grade 9

"I started Master Maths in Grade 8 as maths is not something that I excel in. I therefore have to work very hard to achieve a good result. My maths marks were in the early 50’s when I started Master Maths and went up steadily during the year. After the first term of Grade 9 however, I dropped to 48%! Thanks to Master Maths my second term results shot up to 68%! "

Grade 12

"Master Maths has been an excellent way to help me study and better understand both maths and physics. At Master Maths each learner works at their own pace and they can choose what areas they want to work on. Whenever you need help there are highly educated tutors that are ready to help and explain the work to you. It has helped me a lot in terms of studying and it has also made learning fun."

IEB Rewrite Learner

"At school my Mathematics marks weren’t good enough so I had to take Mathematical Literacy as a substitute.
My dream is to pursue a career in IT, but I would need to have done Mathematics at school to get an IT Degree. I thought there was nothing I could do, but then I discovered Master Maths. They offer an IEB Maths course which meant that I could get my Mathematics. Now I am getting my Maths through Master Maths which is boosting me ever so closer to my dream."

IEB Rewrite Learner

"Ek het Wiskunde op skool geneem tot en met Gr.11 waar ek toe besluit het om te skuif na Wiskunde Geletterdheid. Vroeg in my Matriek jaar het ek agtergekom dat dit die grootste fout van my lewe was omdat ek by geen Universiteit kon toelating kry nie. Ek het toe gelukkig aan die einde van die jaar gehoor dat ek by Master Maths my wiskunde kon oor doen die volgende jaar en daarna hopelik by Universiteit aanvaar word. Ek het tans 'n gemiddeld van 63% vir my Wiskunde en benodig 60% om by Universiteit Stellenbosch te gaan studeer in 2018. Dit was my droom en Master Maths het tot my redding gekom!"

IEB Rewrite Learner

"Ek het nooit gedink ek gaan Wiskunde hê tot in matriek nie. Ek wou Wiskunde los vir Wiskunde geletterdheid in graad 11, maar ek het besluit om aanhou te probeer. Ek is aanvaar by Potchefstoom, maar ek wil baie graag bedryfsiëlkunde by Stellenbosch gaan studeer so ek doen die jaar my Wiskunde oor aangesien my keuringspunt vir Wiskunde nie hoog genoeg was om keuring te kry om my Universiteitskursus te doen nie. Dit is een van die beste besluite wat ek nog gemaak het, want dit maak my opsies net soveel meer.
Die Master Maths IEB "redo program" bied nou vir my hierdie opsie om my vereiste punt te behaal. Ek het besluit ek het nog een kans om n verskil te maak en my punte het van 44% opgegaan na n gemiddelde SBA punt wat tans 71% is. "