Take a gap year and work as a Master Maths tutor.

What does a day at the Master Maths centre look like?

Being a Master Maths tutor can hep you gain work experience.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Master Maths tutor? If you’re looking for something to do as a gap year, or to gain experience to start your career, becoming a tutor is an option for you. Read on to find out what a typical day as a tutor looks like.

Our centres open at 10am in the week, even though most learners attend school, and some centres have no homeschooled learners.

During the mornings, our tutors spend time checking which learners will be coming in for lessons, what work they need to cover, and how they have been progressing. Tutors can then see if there is anything the learners are struggling with that they should cover.

Once the tutors have done this, they have a look at what modules will be used that day. They then work through them, so they are well prepared and have a fresh idea of what the learners will be working on, and are equipped to answer any questions they may have.

As learners arrive at the centre, the tutors get them seated, chat about how they have been doing
and how they are progressing. Sometimes it is also important to check with the learner what their teacher covered at school that day, to be able to include that content in the learner’s lesson plan. When they have any questions or trouble understanding concepts, the learners can ask the tutors for help.  The tutors do not simply give the correct answers, but guide them to find the answers themselves.

Working as a tutor at our centre is often a full time job. Some centres hire students and part time tutors as added support for their full-time tutors. Many tutors have gone on to manage a Master Maths centre, or even acquire own their own centre. Our tutors also find their work very rewarding, as they have front row seats to see learners improve and grow in confidence.

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